Exibart Prize 2020: Finalist!

I’m so so happy to has been select from many artist, as Exibart Prize 2020 finalist!

The prize:

Foundations, museums, galleries, academies, critics, curators, collectors, merchants, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, fairs, auctions.
A wonderful and complex universe gravitates around the artist’s works.

Rich, poor, established, hungry, facing their fate who couldn’t do anything else, lucky because they’ll run into the right one, losers because they’ll meet with nothing but bad luck.
That they’re going to do the Biennale or some other trade.
It’s artists, all of them, who make our universe move.

And now, we at exibart thought of a home: an online platform, to upload and share projects, portfolios, images, videos and ideas.

And then we thought of a competition: exibart prize.

Because in addition to the financial support and the many other benefits provided by our prize, we know that to build relationships is as important as it is difficult and it can only be achieved with time and trust.

And exibart has been part of this world for over twenty years, and will continue to remain close to the artists, to support the quality of their work and follow their research through the many paths they may follow.


9 March 2021