Artist Statment

I never attended art school, my life has always been marked by the dualism between artistic creativity and entrepreneurial skills. I consider myself a self-taught, and as such I have always sought autonomy in my way.

I love to paint urban landscapes, basically places I visit. Everything starts from a photograph I shoot with a clear idea. I prefer situations in which there is strong color contrasts, where I can express myself better with my technique.

Also I paint portraits because I have been always fascinated. I think that being able to create a portrait that be similar to the original is a spell, and I find my greatest satisfaction when that happens. By doing this I always try to balance the two forces that lead me to paint: the first one marked realism the other to a more conceptual simplification of traits. The idea is not to give too much to one of them, but to find a meeting point suitable to the circumstances.

My whole paintings completely reflects the dualism between this two forces. The color shades in steps as level curves of a map has a precise meaning. Here comes what I calls “sampled realism” (more detail on At first view, when you look at my paintings, you can have an almost realistic impact, but at more attentively watch you can appreciate all the losses defined by the different colors between the curves. It is a bit of a metaphor for the modern digital life. Day by day we lose some pieces that we feel worthless, anyway absently we can’t perceive this loss. These gaps represent not just the shortcomings of our lives, but at the same time give us the opportunity to build a new reality reformulated on our knowledge and experience.