Vain Glory

Art Description

In the myth, Medusa faces divine retribution for a sacrilegious act within Athena's temple, where she was seduced by Poseidon in a moment of lust. Infuriated by this sacrilege in her sacred space, Athena punishes Medusa by morphing her hair into a writhing mass of snakes and distorting her visage to a grotesque extent, causing anyone who gazes upon her to petrify. This episode underscores the perils of yielding to lust, as her initial beauty and the subsequent transformation into a monstrous being serve as cautionary tales against vanity and the snares of excessive pride. In this personal interpretation of the classic myth, I seek to convey how Medusa's hubris precipitated her downfall, resulting in her transformation and solitude. The painting also functions as a admonition against overconfidence and hubris, prompting viewers to contemplate the risks of excessive pride and the imperative need for humility and equilibrium in life.


Medium: Spray su tela
Size: 100x70 cm
Date: Jul 2023