upper west side

Art Description

The artwork offers an aerial perspective of the city's rooftops, where a building in the foreground stands in silhouette against the nighttime sky. The prevalent hue is blue, featuring a play of varying shades that imparts a sense of depth and dimension to the scene. Overhead, the full moon casts a gentle, illuminating glow upon the house roofs, almost evoking the sensation of the cool night breeze drifting through the city's skyscrapers. To the right of the painting, a neon sign with "Upper West" in luminous letters introduces a modern element to the composition. While the dominant color scheme remains blue, the neon sign presents a warmer shade of blue, creating a striking contrast within the painting. In a city that never sleeps, one can imagine a constant stream of captivating activities. Perhaps a couple finds solace while admiring the view from a skyscraper, as the city below continues to teem with life. Alternatively, an artist may be seeking inspiration to capture the enchanting ambiance of a New York summer night in a new work of art.


Medium: Acrilico su tela
Size: 160x120
Date: Mar 2023