Art Description

As I gaze upon my artwork titled "Pittsburgh," I become fully immersed in the grand cityscape set against the backdrop of a vibrant, multicolored sunset. The painting's intense hues are so vivid that they transport me to that evening, making me feel as if I can almost sense the evening air. The clouds in the artwork hold a particular allure. They are portrayed using a delightful medley of colors, ranging from pink to purple, and from yellow to blue, creating a mesmerizing display of shades that appear to sway gracefully in the sky. The entire composition is enriched by the way the city lights reflect upon the water surface below. The water is skillfully depicted with varying shades of blue and green, giving the impression that the waves are gently in motion upon the canvas.


Medium: Acrilico su tela
Size: 100x56 cm
Date: Mar 2023