Art Description

Approaching the Iliad from a novel perspective entails delving into the emotional and internal conflicts experienced by Menelaus and Helen. This approach enriches the narrative by spotlighting the intricate human facets of their romantic tale. Menelaus, the Spartan ruler, grapples with a complex tangle of emotions as he strives to balance his affection for Helen with his duty to lead the Greek forces against Troy. On one hand, he nurtures a profound love for Helen and yearns to reclaim her, desiring to mend their fractured affection and rebuild trust. On the other hand, he bears the weight of seeking retribution for the wounded honor and respect of both himself and his brother Agamemnon—a critical obligation within the context of ancient Greek society that cannot be ignored. These emotions weigh heavily on him, prompting deep contemplation about the nature of love, self-sacrifice, and justice. He frequently finds himself in moments of solitude, reflecting on the implications of war and pondering how he can rekindle his love without relinquishing his core humanity.


Medium: Olio, acrilico, marker and spray su tela
Size: 89x116 cm
Date: Oct 2023

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