Kiss from a Rose in Paris

Art Description

This captivating painting encapsulates the essence of love, beauty, and passion in an enchanted atmosphere. At the center of the painting, a woman in a red dress gazes from a Parisian balcony, symbolizing the central role of the beloved person in Seal's song "Kiss from a Rose." The typical Parisian facade is made even more charming by the twilight. The sunset light brings out the gray of the walls, creating a vivid contrast with the warm yellow light emanating from the balconies. This visual contrast emphasizes the central theme of the song, where the "kiss from a rose" symbolizes the beauty and passion that can emerge even in the midst of gray and challenging moments. The balconies are adorned with lush red roses, a classic symbol of love and passion. The red roses stand in contrast to the sobriety of the gray walls, underlining the power of love to bring beauty and vibrancy into life. Overall, "Kiss from a Rose at Twilight" is an artwork that captures the soul of Seal's song and reflects its emotional depth. It portrays a magical and romantic moment in Paris, where love and beauty are celebrated in all their splendor, even when everything seems enveloped in shadow.


Medium: Acrilico su tela
Size: 98x69 cm
Date: Oct 2023