Chicagohenge 2

Art Description

The city of Chicago is a place that never sleeps. It's a place where the sun sets and rises, where the lights flicker across the sky, and where the wind blows through the streets. To capture this feeling in a painting, I used spray paint on canvas to create an impressionistic scene of vibrant color. The central figure is a street with flashing lights like red, fuchsia, and violet; orange flashes from traffic lights; blue flashes from puddles; The background is comprised entirely of reflective surfaces—windows, cars, buildings—that blend into one another as they reflect light from one surface to another. The painting reflects a view of Chicago during sunset, but it also reflects my feelings about life in this city: how it changes constantly; how it's always changing; how there are so many ways to be happy here in spite of all that change


Medium: Spray su tela
Size: 100x70 cm
Date: Nov 2022

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