Blossoming Metropolis

Art Description

When spring Blooming in Central Park!
Springtime in the city is a moment that brings both a flourishing vibrancy and a tranquil
harmony to the bustling streets. This interlude provides unexpected serenity and kindles a
newfound appreciation for the natural world. Rosy floral canopies tint the landscape like an
impressionist sketch, reflecting off of the restful pond and drifting clouds overhead.
Captivating tiny flowers bloom into rose-colored fireworks, and the highly-saturated florets
provide soft textures to the modern landscape. An ephemeral phenomenon that requires
appreciation before the petals eventually wither, this is a delicate reminder that beautyโ€”even
when transientโ€”is all around us.


Medium: Acrilico su tela
Size: 70x100 cm
Date: May 2021